Is KTalk also going down?

KLOST started with with “too many Connections”. I see many orphaned orphans in the near future.

kwani hujawai oa hii maneno?!? its normal

shida za comp za cyber

Why not? I download my paper from the cyber. I am that economical with my money. For 20 bob, niko na gazeti, emails and all.


12,___ emails

kwani ni notifications zote za k-rost

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Waa hiyo ni windows version gani?

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Windows xp.

Not quite. To get the three papers, that’s a hundred mbs. Safaricon bundles for a hundred mbs cost 50 bob. I save thate for matatu to town.


Githurai speed ni slow. Would take an hour.

No, safaricom data ya 1000 translates to approx .5 per mb.

yes iko…
ata airtel remote data


windows 2000? ama windows 95

wen the moderators/admin start pulling down some listings it becomes a fucked up site

Listing zingine zinafaa kutolewa. posting carnage ya cadavers, human waste, and grossly graphic pictures of human flesh is not attractive to anyone no matter how it pumps your ego up or feeds your fetish. Ata admin anataka a site that is not repulsive to visitors albeit free.

Kwani baboon ameanza ile tabia yake?