Is Kilimall going out of business or what?

Many times the website has been down. Wanataka kutuwachia Jumia and their bogus offers?

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I raised this issue with them but nikama wameignore. Just remove adblocker itakuwa sawa. Ni kama mtu wa IT hajafanya thorough test ya hio site.

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alikula pesa ya plugins akalipia trial period pekee. Typical bonobo thieves


I also mentioned how frustrating it is that without “/new” at the end of the address, the webiste won’t open.

Kilimall iko imara

How secure are some of these local websites?

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It will be very sad if they close down.They actually sell quality stuff with very good customer care and after sales service.You even have the option of paying on delivery such that mali ikifika una kagua kama iko poa kwanza kabla ulipe.Usipo bambika rider anarudi nayo bila issue.

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The English of the website is weird and strange, there is something wrong with it.

Good riddance. Chinese website should be closed. Meffi hao

They must have fired their experienced senior software engineer and paid for premium ChatGPT thinking it will do the heavy lifting for them.

Their recent update on their app/website is where these problems started. It was not thoroughly tested and had serious flaws on launch.

And you know how people are resistant to change, vile mlipiga manduru hapa juu ya the new ktalk but imebidi mzoee. Kilimall clients pia walikubali na wakazoea. This website aint going anywhere anytime soon from the deliveries im seeing them doing daily.

I use app. But since it overtook Jumia sidhani kama itakufa

They are using Vue JS & Nuxt on the frontend on the front end, Nginx on the server side and Firebase as the database
That’s a quite solid tech stack but a bit but generally, brittle.

A semicolon or a coma in the wrong place and the whole site gets a white screen of death, which is worse than the windows screen of death.

You must be having an ad blocker or privacy blocker. Nowadays even ecommerce websites have trackers for retargeting campaigns. So your ad blocker is probably not allowing those to load, which is in turn preventing the entire website from loading as well