Is Jesus a man

1st of all am not an atheist … I do believe anything that is in place must have had a creator … Therefore I do agree there is a supreme being responsible for all existence…

And that’s where conmen and wannabes come into play . 1st of all let’s take this scenario of a Jewish son of man who twisted all the prophecied messages to fit his description.

The leaders then had to question why any man would claim to be God and convince the general public .

Any sober leader would punish such an act since that is creating n subjecting people to a cult

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Rabbis have warned people from talking the books (Torah, Bible) too literally especially the parts of miracles.
For example the part of crossing the Red Sea on foot. That part probably happened but not as dramatically as they say it did.
There are exaggerations that you are better off not believing. But the basic message of the books is good message. Work hard, do good unto others, don’t be jealous, get married to a woman and don’t waste time or resources etc etc the message is very good and is timeless

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Yes. And no. He’s man and God in the same time. At least, Christians says so.

Religion is astrology,Jesus is Jupiter,the sun and even sometimes he’s Saturn.

That’s the basic tenets of most religions. No religion is superior to another…

How so? You don’t just throw an assertion and hope that it makes sense. Please show how Jesus twisted the prophecies to fit himself, will you?

A case of give a dog a bad name and hang him: Jesus did not claim to be God. Provide biblical texts that show that Jesus claimed to be God. [Your] misunderstanding of John 10:30 or of the Holy Trinity should not be used to support this heresy.

The Bible isn’t meant to be read like a menu

Jesus is God so how can He be a man? He came to earth in human flesh to be tested like all of us and prove that through Him we could be victorious over the flesh and over death. Otherwise, the Jesus of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) is the same God of the Old Testament.

Isaiah 9:6.
“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Jesus was 100% man and 100% God

Sooooo ,if Jesus is God the idea that god could only forgive our sins by having his son tortured to death as a scapegoat,is surely from an objective point of view.if god wanted to forgive our sins ,why didnt he just forgive them
In other words …
god sent himself and talked about himself in the third person,GOT killed and sacrificed himself back to himself to save us from what he will do to us if we dont get saved? Aint that suicide,a cardinal sin? A tad bit much for any logical person
No wonder jews dont want anything to do with JC:D:D:D


Jesus is just Jesus, feminist watatumaliza Mara God is a woman …but is Jesus really God I dont think so where did that voice saying. This is my beloved son during baptism come from ama mnataka kusema kuna Angel ilepewa mic ya base ituchoche

Let us start by defining God, who is God? And in which form or forms does he exist? There is God the father (Jehova), God the son and God the holy spirit. God the father is the ultimate God in which everything is and exist in. There was nothing and everything came to be from him and through him, so he is everything seen and unseen. Everything is part of him for it came from him. Jesus is God in human form.



Mathew 27:46, Mark 15:34

John 14:28

Ambia Jews and Muslims…

You said it…even revelations john mentions seeing God n the lamb by his side