is it wrong to have sex in the presence of her brother?

She is housing an elder brother in her bedsitter. Her brother is staying with her for the time being as he looks for a job. He just came from upcountry. When we left the reggae club for her house in Kawangware in the early morning of Sunday, she had not alerted me her bro will be around.

On reaching her house in Ongwaro, she knocked the door which was unusual to me cause normally she opens the door on her own. A big gorilla opened the door while yawning…he was still feeling sleepy. Otiz meet Dabo trabo…Dabo trabo this is Otiz my bro. I sit on the bed as Otiz goes back to sleep on a thin mattress that was on the floor beside the bed. Covers his whole body and with in seconds he is snoring.

In whispers i ask her babes why did’nt u tell me your brother was around? Si tungeenda kwangu huruma. She said apana Dabo, kama ningeenda kwako huruma najua ungenifungia huko hadi Monday na kesho niko job asubuhi na mapema. She then started caressing me as we kissed. It was getting cosy and hot then suddenly Otiz gorilla turns & clears his throat. I immediately stop. She noticed i was getting uncomfortable.

She woke Otieno and asked him to go to the shops and buy boflo & eggs for breakfast. He woke up cursing as he put on a pullover & looking at me badly. He was given 100/- . I told Otiz to wait as i added him one more 100/- and said hio ni ya mfuko. This was a bro-code telling him not to be in a hurry comeing back or kwa lugha ya mtaa jipe shugli.

Immediately he shut the door we started banging like rabbits. In the midst of the hotsex i hear some one unlocking the door. Really Otiz Really?? He can see that am ontop of his younger sister. Our eyes even locked at one time. What does Otiz do? He puts the eggs and boflo on a table…throws some coins too and jumps onto his mattress and says mnaeza endelea mimi nimelala. His sister urged me on…what was nigga supposed to do. I gave her two hard shots.I could hear Otiz toss and turn in his thin mattress bt i was relentless with his sister, I knew the loud moans his sister was making were getting into him bt bro i gave u 100/- and u decided to make a fool out of me. Kula hio.

Two shots then we slept. Otiz woke us up at around 11am to take breakfasr. He had fried the eggs with tomatoes & onions, and made tea. The Breakfast was good…i was impressed. I forgot to mention, he had used avocado on the bread as margarine. We did’nt talk much during breakfast apart from some chitchat btwn bro & sis in Dholuo. Nigga was still looking at me badly when i was not watching bt i could see it with my 3rd eye. His sister excuses herself to go the loos which were outside. Gorilla stretches his hand from across the table and holds my hand with a tight grip apo kwa biceps and looks me in the eyes and says Dabo Trabo, unajua ama ukiskia mahali kuna kazi please niambie. Si unajua hii Nairobi tumekuja kutafuta…am like nikiskia nitashow sister, He is still holding me and says niko serious,niko open for any job. Hata mjengo ama watchman.

So if you guys have any job opening holla at me…but my Question is, did i break any taboo by having sex infront of Otieno




NV kerrri----------------------------------------------->[ATTACH=full]69509[/ATTACH] pale @Atwoli @Web Dev @Gaylord wanakuja kukukaribisha

Detractors never bother me.


karibu kiti NV

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Fucking hell, you’ll burn in hell. You and that other dude (Someone remind me his name…the dude who took slices in the kitchen while the chics mom was in the sitting room) need therapy.


As long as it is not someone’s wife i see no problem


:D:D Nice Hekaya. .


uko yuu @double trouble… Good hekaya hata kama ni fiction… Lakini punguza bangi kiyana


Ongea Na @Chloe apatie otiz job ya mjengo Kwa pigsty ya @Wakanyama[ATTACH=full]69514[/ATTACH]


Thanks sista

Thanks & its not fiction. It’s true & khali weed is not bad. The government only lie to u. Cigarettes are more harmful to u than marijuana

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I never understand people from the lake. They never give a fuck when the need to get deeked comes. I once ferked one huko kwa beach(mkomani or something-beach overlooking mombasa hospital) after she kept caressing my junk in front of passers-by.


Unajaribu but unafaa kuona @kush yule mnono akupe tutorial ya kuandika hekaya

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Take it from someone who’s been there. I also made similar claims when I was your age…Now I know better

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Kijana ulijaribu but ungepea otiz ua keys umshow kuna job kwa hao yako atangulie. Then akifika huruma aku call. By the time amefika tao shot 3 ziko mfukoni…
Kuwa mjanjez @DoubleTrouble

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NV leta mbicha ukikamua @atis de na uketi pareee >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


some so called elders should be relegated to NVs they can’t give credit where it’s due, hekaya iko on point na wako zile za U M E…that’s childish. Mgala muue na haki umpe.


Tell me what happened?


kush mnono ndio nani?

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Ignore them brother, they are called detractors or trolls. DON’T FEED THE TROLL