When I lived down Coast, I remember girls had category of men, mzungu mzee - sponsor then husband posing as a brother whose wife left him for the single women walikuwa na boyfriend gym instructor au beachboy who was young and hot with six pack and long dreadlocks so the girl is the sponsor of the gym instructor. Does this happen here in Nairobi and other towns coz Coast this is the order of the day?


Tusafishe mecho!


Gym instructors in the kijiji…
Come one, come all!
A serious sponsor has decided that a dry-spell death is futile!

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6 pack utakula? Mwanaume ni wallet jameni !

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Heri niwe mkono gamu chali stinji… .

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Hii mimi siwesmek jamani, hata uwe na 8 pack ama 16 , kama huna jameni siwes

@byro Beach Boy unaitwa

Wallet tuliachia sponsors

Utalijua jiji…kuna wale wanaume wanuza bibi zao wakiwa nyumba moja ! Mombasa nikumbaya .

ile vita ya laikipia ilikaa vipi?

Raise your hands if you arent the only one who hasnt understand what s/he said


Hii ni kuibiana

Madem hushangaza,haleti kitu kwa table and she is the first one to kuleta demands.


3 minutes of my life wasted

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Uko na knock knees?

I know of ghels who prefer men with vitambis & 1packs.

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I think ghels get demanding when they meet a certain type of men. Those are the type you holla at and they size you up before replying

Georgina I think you should change the header to 'Is it true the young boys in Kenya are being robbed of their youth by older married rich cougars’.
The answer to this is YES all from our Uni Students to other 21-26 year olds. I went out with my friends when I was last home and just could not believe what I witnessed. I was like 'aren’t you the one supporting and financing everything here? they are vv happy too, so I hushed my gums. Morals in our society gone to the dogs kabisa. The older married rich man hajaibiwa na mtu. 90 percent of them have always been cheats since time immemorial. Money TALKS!


What’s the root of all evil?