Is it normal?

I have a friend who is married, they have two kids who are 2 and 4 yrs. Now the thing is he tells me that he cheats on his wife more when they are on good terms than when they have issues, in fact he hardly cheats when he is not in good terms with his wife. Is this a common thing ama huyu ana kasoro zake?

Maybe,when when bad times the brain is occupied with rage and anger. In good times brain is idle. I could be wrong though


He cheats for sport

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Why are you concerned you Beta male?


Men don’t cheat. They just fuck other women.



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He even cheated in his KCSE ,just tell him Matiangi is getting him very soon !


hehehehe…i don’t have a wife boss

There is no shame in cheating…you are among friends. :D:D:D

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u av a small penis, smaller than the combined penis sizes of @Badanga Mkunyutili n @Swidfil Makanje …it is a pimple in fact, i feel disgusted that u consider yourself a male like me…even the clit is bigger, not sure which gender u belong to

Hahaha…well said bruv…WELL.SAID! I’m stealing this…

Pewa mbili kwa bill unitetee niwe elder nimengonja sana.

TF is this isht? go get drilled fag

Ni adrenaline junkie,kitu yoyote inafeel dangerous na inakupatia blood rush like fucking your wife’s friend kwa parking yako is game


Perfectly normal. No man can enjoy sex when in a quarrelsome environment.

Men are risk takers generally… the higher the risk, the sweeter it seems…

No, he cheats because he is idle

very normal. That’s just how men are.