Is it me or....

…have you also noticed that Nairobi’s pregnant women (there are no ladies in this city) have taken to wearing the most outrageous and revealing clothes?

Back in the day, pregnant women would wear very nice lose flowery cotton dresses that made them look like goddesses, not this cheap Gikosh body-hugging crap that I see every day.

It doesn’t help, of course, that most of the bishes are downright ugly (thats the story of another day, why do the ugly like to propagate their bad genes so?) making you wonder what idiotic baboon they mated with…(that Story 2 for another day - why do hot chicks marry ugly mathafakas who they know will sire little baboons?)


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What are you sayin :p:p:p we have many ladies

Kindly explain

Thank you for letting us know that your wife is pg and you despise the way she dresses!


I would like to hear you purr, pussycat…

My wife is way, way past the age of getting pg. Oh wait…[SIZE=6].YOU MEAN YOU ARE PG[/SIZE]?

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[SIZE=6]Is it me or… it is youo_O[/SIZE]

nuns are celibate, a cucumber will come in handy

I see you are learning first about our religion :):slight_smile: …thumbs up

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My voice is a bit heavy today pengine ,siku ingine o_O

Old Manki can we rekindle our love?

@ Field marshal- why do hot chicks marry ugly mathafakas who they know will sire little baboons?)…men also nowadays go for ugly(not appealing…cute) chicks for purposes of getting children. This type of ladies are good in looking after your children and they dont nagg so much…pande ya DF pia ni roho safi…

Idiotic baboon?Hapa Couch hujaniambia vizuri.

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I’d like to weigh in “why do hot chicks marry ugly mathafakas”
its simple handsome financially stable guys will plant a seed in my holy garden en deny it right into my face
I might be downright to earth coz I finally met a guy whos stable en handsome but he turns to be a pain inde ass coz he’s sure he can get another me in flip of a sec
on the other hand if I marry an ugly financially stable maafaka he sure knows I did him a favour en he will appreciate me for the rest of his life

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Holy Garden just like Mecca, a holy site, with the amount of visitors mecca gets, hmmh

don’t be a hater bro mine is holy don’t judge me

not judging or being a hater, just pulling your leg nothing personal :slight_smile:

Er, er miss, you probably meant “hole-ly garden”, as in a garden with a couple of holes?

nuns are supposed to be celibate