Is it fainting

village people yesterday I fucked a marakwet Black beauty college lass and anytime she went on orgarm (or is it something else), she would roll her eyes and her pussy would grip my dick in a vice for like 2 mins and she wouldn’t respond to any stimuli is this normal?

Next time utakuja kufunguliwa na mganga, run while you are still free and don’t look back.

No. That was Biwott’s ghost

Unless it was your first lay, we call that orgasm.


it may be his umpteenth…but anamwagiliaga mapaja


it was not my first lay but it was very strange but I continued as long as it’s breathing fuck it

Sweep of the day!:smiley:

Kama kazi ni kurape mkono kila siku hizi vitu utajulia wapi


ha ha ha

Sounds like she was taking a dump… Did you check the sheets for effdense?

I have tried to relate the subject of this thread and the content… :confused::confused:

Kifafa my fren. Stop chipoing epileptics nanii.

wanakuwanga Ivo


Quagmire needs to make no appearance here…

Atakuambukiza kifafa chunga!

Kwani they are not people??? Epilepsy is not a permanent thing alaf it can’t be spread by any means…
It’s sad you peoole have this mentality about them…


Don’t get your panties in a knot. That was said with a light touch.