Is it Dead on Arrival?

ama the wakora judges will surprise us again?

[SIZE=6]Dead in the water? Supreme Court refuses Mue access to IEBC systems, memos[/SIZE]
Today 1:16 pm (2 hours ago)
Soweto on Tuesday appealed to the Supreme Court for the scrutiny orders/MOSES MUOKI

By OLIVE BURROWS, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 15 – The Supreme Court has [SIZE=5]declined to grant parties to the presidential suit before it access to the IEBC servers, KIEMS logs, polling station diaries and internal memos[/SIZE].

It has however given the parties access to the original election result forms and a certified copy of the voters register.

Njonjo Mue and Khelef Khalifa who want President Uhuru Kenyatta’s election victory voided, yesterday applied for the access in order to prove their case that results for Garissa and Murang’a and possibly elsewhere were altered.

“Some of the prayers have been declined due to the sheer impracticability of their implementation given the short time left for the determination of the petitions at hand. Others have been declined because they were not pleaded with sufficient articularity in the petition yet others were declined on grounds that they are couched in such general terms as to be no more than fishing expeditions,” Supreme Court judge Smokin Wanjala read on behalf of the bench.

Unlike in the Raila Odinga petition, [SIZE=5]the court has also declined to commission a report on the outcome of the scrutiny of the forms.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]“The order is clear, you have access, what you do with your access is your business. So just go get access, get whatever information you want of there, once you’re out of the warehouse or whatever the place is called, do with it what you want,” Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu directed.[/SIZE]

More to follow…

Fishing expedition :):slight_smile:

Hehehehe :D:D:D Raundi hii si mchezo at Wakora court

Why are they contradicting themselves? What has changed since August when they gave order for server access? How come they don’t want report this time? The reason they gave is time, was there time in August?
They know they were wrong in August and everything was cooked by Nyaigaki. Why are we not seeing her now?

Because NASA is not party to this time round, they are trying to redeem themselves hehe

This was extremely mean of the DCJ:D:D:D, Today, she is not checking (hacheki)

This is because the last time they were given access they did nothing meaningful with it. A fishing expedition is all that this is now.
Plus if Form 34A is the everything, the all and all, then it should be used to determine their case since they said the manual system takes precedence over the electronic (isn’t that what Nasa argued last time and campaigned for that to be the case)?

So, rightly done in my view.

These are the last straws they have to clutch on. The rest are technicalities for which they do not seem to have strong legal authorities or precedent. It’s never over till it is over.

I see a unanimous decision this time around.

Like seriously 90% of Kenyans Dont give a hoot about hizi petition. Ata ile moto watu walikuwa nayo ya siasa ishaisha kabisa. Akina @FieldMarshal CouchP na @Nattydread ndio wamebaki tu wakibishana hapa

Lies. That’s what you want us to believe. Politics will cool down once the president is sworn in