Is it Compulsory to have kids?

I follow crime religiously as you all know by now. Cases of child abuse and child neglect are too many. Especially in the black community. I understand that there are a lot of issues in the black community due to racism and poverty but still kids deserve better.

Where did this culture of everyone must have kids come from bcz too many people can barely take care of themselves let alone children. Some cases are so heartbreaking especially when drugs are involved.

This boys who have been missing were taken away from the biological mother bcz she was on drugs. For 2 years in foster care then adopted. Now they are missing the mom says she wants custody if they are found.

It is wise to follow the right way of doing things get married before having kids, be responsible for yourself first b4 bringing a kid on board. If you cannot nobody will blame you for staying child free instead of br children to suffer, to be molested and killed.

Its not fair to bring kids here yet you can not give them a complete family and take care of your children properly putting them in hands of people who may not have the best intentions.

Its not a must to have kids. Let’s avoid torturing innocent children by bringing them to earth yet we are incapacitated to give them a good home and childhood.

Many people who abuse and neglect kids are married anyway. Or in relationships. And distribution of abused kids is pretty even amongst races, white , black, brown… There are people who are just not good parents. I have seen it myself. They are good people, but with kids they are not.
Plus there are many things we do that qualify as the same: What difference is there between a child in foster care in the US and someone who puts his child in boarding school in standard 1 in Kenya. Seeing you child a few evenings a year and Christmas Day doesn’t exactly qualify as good parenting.

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@TrumanCapote si ni heri ata ungezaa konokono while you were at your prime usaidie ecosystem instead of second guessing yourself like this hapa kila siku?

In US there are 500k kids in foster care and or adoption. Now, if you look at the stories of these kids many are being molested and abused, I saw a family of 5 on Iyanla who were being starved and sexually molested by their foster parents, their dad was nowhere and mom was in jail for drug dealing, many run away and end up trafficked in the hands of pimps. They become sex slaves at as young as 11.

Let’s look at a few cases. Let’s start with the missing boys. These boys were taken away 2 years back put with the West family. By then the couple had 2 biological kids and 2 adopted already. They fostered and adopted these boys 3 and 4. In September they moved from another state to their present house, from September CPS hasn’t checked on the children. Neighbors have never seen those boys, they’ve seen the other 4 kids. Come December the couple send the 4 to their grandparents. This case is looking like the Lori Vallow Chad Daybell case where her kids were killed in September and it took a whole year to get to the bottom of the matter even after the kids grandparents complained about their having no contact with the kids. CPS is failing these kids.

You are right that Kenyan parents also do not want responsibility, the best business in Kenya right now is boarding school from class 1.During Covid some parents were so tired of their own kids coz they had not spent that much time with the kids, in like forever.