is it an a game changer or just another loud mouth???

There is a new call for luhyia community to provide one presidential candidate ,the above call would be a game changer in the next election.Mr Ababu namwamba exit from pac might also play a major role in uniting the group or breaking it,according to Citizen tv,Ababu is still bitter towards his colleagues in Odm for their betrayal during purported raila’s tape record,since then,Ababu is said to have taken a back seat in Odm politics and resorted into an international tour where he is said to have met Iceland President, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson.

For now he is said to be holding a series of rallies across western region,if Namwamba is serious,he can unite Wetangula and Mudavadi to deliver their votes to whoever please them as a block in 2018 and provide presidential candindate after that.with his youthful mind and as the Secretary general of Odm ,namwamba might inherit Odm and position himself to be "the man " in 2022

Lastly,Luhyias are the New merus

Wonderful,Wondering Wonder.

political maturity eludes most Kenyans, so I will not be shocked when divisions occur in the near future and the votes get shared by two or more horses/donkeys…

i can bet my kawasaki that luhyas will never be united

this time those guys might change the story…if those guys unite…

its easier for RAO to become president than for luhyas to unite

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Deliver to their preferred candidate " kupewa ndio mna penda… I would rather they go into the vote together for the top seat hata wakue number four. Hii ujinga ndio imefanya wengine kukalia watu kichwa… Mind you, luhyas are much more than merus. Thats a tiny tribe compared to luhyas. Luhyas United can easily rival the kikuyu vote

and when were the luhyas divided??? In 2002 we voted the toad en mass, 2007 and 2013 we voted for baba en mass…ni division gani nyi mungikiss mnaongelea???

I think mudavadi got over half a million votes

you are more than luos and merus combined and yet you rank no…how many ???..6 or 7 and beyond???

there is no tribe called luhyas, kuna bukusu, tirik, maragoli, bunyore…nkl
but then that grouping is the most independent in Kenya, if all tribes were like that hi upuzi ya ku elect jamaa wa nyumbani ingeisha

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Hii ethnocentricity yako ni zaidi. Kila tribe iko na groups zake.
Actually tribes in kenya are just people sharing closely related dialects.
How are the light skinned kipsigis related to the charcoal black nandi??
Or how are the imenti people related to the chuka??
You go to the coast and there are countless groups among the mijikenda.
Its all about politicians dividing people.


From the first sentence, a call by who? To who?

All the other tribes can unite, Bukusus and Maragoli will always go there way, and not necessarily in the same direction.