Is it ageing or just a stage.

I am no longer attracted to Movies or new music. Whenever I start watching a movie nowadays it is like I can predict next ten scenes and I just get bored with them. The only movies I still find captivating to watch are animations and SciFi nikikazana sana. It seems we have ran out of ideas on what to write in movie scripts.

I watch cartoons & British Truck racing.

What movies are you watching? Give some examples.


Movie kali ya sci-fi, any?

Find gargoyles, kingdom of heaven.
Since seems it’s aging find philosophy

It’s not that you’re old.
99% of new Hollywood movies and music nowadays are trash.
Once in a while, I come across a very good movie that is worth my attention.

But music is even worse.

This new age music is mediocre compared to music back in the days.

I have to give it up to Nigerians though because they’re still making good music.

Also, because of TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram and Kenyatalk, our attention span has declined. You can barely watch a movie without feeling like checking your phone.

Back in the days, you had no option but to concentrate 100% on the movie because we didn’t have too many distractions on our smartphone.

Alafu ongezea Netflix na Spotify. We literally have millions of movies and music to choose from and stream with the click of a button.

Research shows that an excess of choices often leads us to be less, not more, satisfied once we actually decide.

Kitambo ulikuwa unaenda kwa movie library, una-rent video cassette kama 7 alafu unarudisha after weeki kadhaa.

Hizo movies nlikuwa naona zote juu sikuwa na option mingi kama saa hii. Alafu video quality ilikuwa 480p na bado zilikuwa interesting.

Pure wisdom. Pewa jug mbili

Very true. Sometimes deciding on what to watch will take up 30min of your time.

Watch brutal tv ama MMA fights , doing very well.

Vile @Kumbaffu amesema hapo juu. We got unlimited options in terms of entertainment options.

Hollywood is still doing well. Today I am watching True Lies. It is a new series and it has kept me glued thus far

Its not aging. A lot of new movies are garbage full of LGBTQ messaging chieth and poor writing.

You are finally seeing through the lies. Take a 6 month break to reset your dopamine circuits.

It could also be ageing. Nilikua napenda video games sana nikacheza ps4 exclusives mob kina God of War, uncharted, bloodborne but nikachoka nazo. Just gave my small bro the console skuizi ni kama kitu naenjoy sana ni pombe na gospel music za kina christina shusho na mercy masika on repeat.

Mimi nikiwatch movie I put away my phone for 3 good hours nimalizie movie.

Personally Spotify is a blessing to me. There will always bee good music if youre willing to look far and wide. When you keep listening to the same content pushed my major media houses, eventually your brain will tire of the generic stuff. Ata kwa movies pia there will always be good movies. Netflix has a trash catalogue, so I dont use it. I simply google up greatest lists of movies and download the best. You will never run out of choices. @nobert I would say youre simply not looking wide enough.

How exactly has Kenyatalk contributed to a reduced attention span?

I shoul also point out that I only binge movies at the end of the year when I feel like Ive met most of my years’ goals/targets. Which means that between January and November, I usually sit in fron of the TV less than 10 times. By December am usually evey eager to see what’s up.

To improve your choice, watch only movies/TV series which score:
8 out of 10 and above on IMDB
85% and above on Rotten Tomatoes
70% and above on metacritic

Me too bana it’s like I just discovered akina rose muhando and those nice Tanzanian crooners I used to hear ikiblastiwa tao

Back in the days Rose Muhando alikua mambo mbaya sana. She would address the devil directly. Nakuuliza wewe shetani

I’ve noticed the same, pure boredom towards watching movies. The only thing which excites me is reading the Bible and listening to sermons/gospel music on YouTube.