IS in Somalia attacks Alshabab pale puntland gore


Ati Alshabaab is being attacked by who?

Infact GoK should fund IS ikanyage hizo ghasias.


alaaaklabaarrrrrrrr booom!!

onge volume

Somalis live to die, notice when the cameraman got hit and someone else took the camera and proceeded to record the gunfight without as much as trying to see if he could save his comrade

@Bingwa Scrotum kuja hapa

Life ni poa, but death ni better

7 virgin poosie on the other side?

Nope …something better. Finality

:meffi: better alshabaab than IS…IS is a mutant and more gruesome will terrorise horn of Africa once they gain stability and control…

Keep supporting terrorists mofo

should we say an enemy of your enemy is your friend? IS wants to gain control of the region.

Wacha kutumia makende kama akili isis was due to western influence but alshabaab ni some bored mofos kama @Bingwa Scrotum

Waah what are they fighting over

fuata yako

All this decades-long gore is funded by UAE and Saudi Arabia, yet our the local wharia dunderhead @Bingwa Scrotum Proudly wiggles his ass around and calls himself an Arab. Kweli kua wharia ni laana.