Is illuminati not for the poor ?

Kuna this myth about secret society if u join u bcome rich n famous …

I’ve not seen any poor person saying illuminati helped them just mushene mob …

Over the years Ave researched only to hit dead end coz most initiators are scammers …

Hehehe in short it’s a society for the rich , maskini illuminati wake Ni warogi wa ukambani au wale wa Tanzania …

Never do a thread just for the sake of doing it…

We are so far off from being neanderthal, to still have a 256kb mind like a diskette.

If you still homo erectus, erecting to any matako-meffi-mcoondu thought in your mind, please spare this Arab right here


Wachana na myths.

Naweza kukuonyesha MTU atakuingiza ukitaka but you must be ready to sacrifice a close relative.

Asiende mbali @Karoga can recruit him.

I can sacrifice my ex girlfriend. We were very close.

Move on

Hizi ni gani chief? Genie ama Illuminati?

Uliresearch wapi Mr?

How come people believe such things. We have thieves who kill everyone even there parents to steal something small why wouldn’t they sacrifice them for more money, fame and all the glamour associated with money.

Hizi mambo ni real… Lakini hakuna vile unaweza zijua ata uishi kuresearch… Ju uko wanawekaga mambo zao siri… Na ndio maana hatuna idea how things there look like… The ONLY to do a real reasearch is to join… Ukijoin utajua kila kitu