Is he the chosen one?

Mulembe nation akina @uwesmake and @Mundu Mulosi please come togeza for once and support this brilliant son of the soil. They say politics is local.
If he has 100% home support, then the rest of the Nation will follow suit.
Then we can have a very lively political contest come twenditwendituu…



Too arrogant, but maybe he is what we need.

That’s not how it works.
Furthermore, the guy has zero popularity.

wacha kutafuta traffic jamaa wa turedio…
huyu jamaa mambo yake yameongelelewa hapa sana

Halafu wadau Waka conclude aje?

ata kwao hakuna maendeleo alipeleka akiwa mp, ass min na minister…ako na madharau na arrogance kwa peasants sana ata kwake huwezi karibia wacha kuingia:D

Dead on arrival. Afadhali COTU chief urinator.

The search for that illusive alternate leader continues. Kituyi is a nice person and profession but too out of touch with people to even get governors post. He will need to reinvent himself and play his cards very well to even get MP seat.

Let me give you one example. Media launch at his cabinet minister office during narc government. After the launch as we all leave a line of visitors await him outside his office waiting area. The way he handled them was very arrogant. Kwanza two principals from his constituency with a letter for him. He simply told them to get his office P.O Box details from the secretary and take the same letter to Posta at GPO. He had cleared out his waiting area within a minute with such mean efficiency. As we all waited for the lift down, the same people said they will deal with him at reelection. It came to pass.

Mukhisa Kituyi is the best for 2022 because he has a mzungu wife.
This way .ke gets a well guided/advised PORK on national issues.

Kenyans will also get to enjoy the status of having a muzungu first lady and be the envy of other African countries.


His pride is his undoing. This ghasia could not marry our local women but he want us local to vote for him.
We can’t trust our resources with this nyang’au apewe na huyo albino wake.

I don’t think so Dude. Status kitu gani.

Someone recently highlighted this trend of Bukusu politicians being obsessed with white women.

ever had of sarcasm you dense negroe:D

Those who think highly of him don’t know him.

Didmus Barasa has done more in kimilili with his half term than Mukhisa ever did with his three terms

If yelling at Raila by Bodmas is development, then yes he has


That is not Neo

Kumuuza ndio shida