Is he a perv or something?

There is this friend of mine named Cleef he is actually a married guy,but their marriage life is a bit on rocks it has lost sparks but the other day he found a text on her wife’s phone of a dude professing to her that he misses the good old times where her rubbery held him so tight akikamua that is,and it has ignitted his desire and attraction to his wife,is this acting normal or this guy is a crazy perv?

Pang’ang’a za salon ngojea weekend


Mbisha yoyote itakuwa muhimu ndio tusiseme hekaya. Ata kama ni ya hiyo rubbery. o_O


Huyo “friend of mine” ni wewe…We know.


The psyche of men, they don’t want a woman but they can’t bare the thought of the same woman being wanted/loved by some other man.

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No mbisha it dint happen i think ingefaa ipotee na klost actually its not me mie bado niko kwa uwanja sampling the goodies staki kujifunga na tantrums za mwanamke sahi sidhani ntawezana nayo

Utaimba utachoka.

Wrong very wrong, I have gladly let those who have managed to bang my girlfriends keep them, and you know what, they soon lose interest and the silly girl is left hanging high and dry.


I’m not talking about easy lays.

true their relationship is always hinged on the aspect of hiding from you, once you release them wana sambaratika

Did I mention anywhere that they were easy women or what makes you make this grand assupmtion?

Ladyette describe the not easy lays coz I don’t think I’ve been closer to one.

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And while at it tell us what is love…cos am yet to experience it

A woman who truly loves her man would never cheat on him. Thats the kind of woman I’m talking about.


wewe huwa unatafuta nini ndiyo ujue wameachwa high and dry

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Seriously, I thought you had more sense than this.A girl who wants to get back with you keeps calling, texting, whatsapping.Don’t tell me you can’t tell some things.


Probably because you are driven by fleshly desires. Die to self and you will find one.