Is Everything Predestined?

So according to the Bible everything has already been prearranged by God. To me that is Bullshe/et.


Thats what i always ask. If he knows and cant stop it, then he’s powerless,

There is free will without it you are no more than a robot.

You just don’t assume the creator is powerless lemme ask you a question since humans create stuff like computers do humans live inside computers ? God is not limited by time and matter since he created both
time doesn’t exist in the other realms

Yes, everything is preordained. When you are in the midst of it, you don’t really understand but once the dust settles, it will all make sense.

even the Quran talks of Kadir. Kwamba mambo yote huwa yasha Kadiriwa

You sound knowledgeable about Good, tell us something small about your avatar

tazama hadi mwisho