Is Birdman a.k.a Baby Gay? Picture tells it all

Why is he standing next to a half naked man, why does he have KY jelly kwa mkono? and finally kuna Condom on the floor… That poor mzungu ametokwa kufirwa DFHKM alafu kina pose kama gangster…Bitch umetokwa kufirwa manyu alafu unajifanya OG…sad

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He once kissed Lil Wayne mouth to mouth…French Kiss kwanza…Now that is true Filth

This is one funny thread…


guys are rough…Alikuwa ameshika simu. this is the original photo.
its still weird though o_O

hahaha and I slept yesterday with his album on replay

Nimezeeka…I cant listen to these guys full albums anymore. I find them exhausting. even this story of beef between meek mill and drake i cant even be bothered to look for the actual tracks to hear what they said to each other.o_O

Niko church.

Salimia huyo msupa nyuma yako…tell her i like her legs

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things to do with meek mill and drake I dont even have the slightest idea what goes on, but birdman was one of my favorites in campo his older albums

da nigga showers in socks

Beef ilistart Twirra…Meek tweeted that Drake does not write his own songs…hapo ndio drama ikastart. Later Meek aka release a whack diss track which has WWE’s undertaker entrance theme on it.

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Baby aka birdman is dating young thug lately.


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Last Valentine’s

watu wacheni Baby ararue mtu nyuma, kwani mtu hawezi fanya vitu zake kwa raha? hata na nyinyi mtaacha kupoke mapua zenu ovyo

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