Is Barcelona 100 Percent dependant on Lionel Messi?

Unbeaten run sasa ni hekaya za Abunwasi

No messi no party.Messi is irreplacable.How the hell did the best defense in La liga concede 3 goals in 10 minutes

Football happened.

The longest 10min in football!

Haha, not yet. 5-4… 70’

They were being caught on the counter

Hata kama why was Messi rested… Do we have a chmpions league final to play… Or is he resting to watch the ucl finals… Nkt! I really hate that ex-bilbao guy. Game yake hua 100 percent luck! Hakuna kitu kama kupanga or any sure game with Valverde… If 4-1 can be overturned that easily what can he achieve with Barça?

Hehehe…kumbe haujui venye kunaendage…washachukua cup unbeaten…hizi zingine ni bonus tu!!

You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. A league championship consists of 38 games,Barcelona has played 37 games,Won 27,drawn 9 and already lost 1 game.
How then are you suggesting that they are unbeaten in the league.To attain an unbeaten record in a league season, a team has to win the league title without losing any of the 38 league games in the season.

Hio kijana Emmanuel Boateng ni muoto…Levante just lost concentration, at some point they were 5-1 up.

Conceding five goals shows lack of seriousness on Barca’s part. They need to sort their defence.


najua @effractarius electronicus alikuwa amenukisha mdomo vile barca itakuwa first club in spanish leaue to go unbeaten. pole sana si leo

unbeaten in the whole world in the best league ni yetu kama Arsenali in the whole world no one will ever do it agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn heil hail Wenger

Juve did it several years ago hata Inter but draw zilikuwa mingi so they did not win the league.

Celtic did it too…

ushamba ndio muko nayo i said the best league in the world . best leagues in the world ni EPL na La Liga , Juventus hio league yoa ni ya match fixing of which wali baniwa pamoja na Inter for some time . Celtic is in a shitty league .