Is Augmented Reality (AR) The next step in tech?




unataka tuiclicki na haina cliti… way do you expecting?

Google tried with Google Glass and failed. Maybe Apple will do the exact same thing and suck-seed. Who knows. A lot of sheep out here.
Me no click btw.

Niantic succeeded with Pokemon GO.
Both Google and Facebook highlighted it in their I/O’s.

@ThomasOnline when you copy links, write a brief description about the content of the link others that link might be a download link for Wannacrypt

Sorry for the faulty link. Here’s another. Death of the smartphone & what comes next.>>>

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Poleni but are both working on my end.

Haujui kuandika summary na synopsis?

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Boss why is it hard to comprehend the simple message that we do not click on links that have synopsis?

I doubt we’ve seen the last of Google Glass. It was revolutionary like Pokemon Go, though didn’t take off as much. Google is a major player, & acquiring companies on the cutting edge of AR will work well for them

Google announced that they have stopped selling G Glass because it was not received as the hoped it would.

Back to the drawing board then.