Irungu Thatiah gave these youths a hard tackle with their money

hii Kenya ha ni ngumu n man must survive by all means hata kama ni kuiba. unofficial Uhuru Kenyatta biographer defrauded some youths their monies after promising them marketing jobs. hapa sioni kesi juu the guys signed a contract and bought a copy of the book sema marketing creativity. next time ukiona post inaanza, Are you a jobless youth, over 18 with internet connection and basic computer knowledge ?..blah…blah…blah… runs as if @Njamba Huthu is after your anal virginity

Crooks and con men everywhere

Wakizuba unanyorosha hao

[ATTACH=full]5150[/ATTACH] They forgot to think twice.

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I suspect this Irungu guy is our very own @snapdragon

Wee ntakupiga mambao za kichwa

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Waah @Purr_27 = @Iron lady

dat crap shit was forwarded to me by a friend via whatsapp…Kenyans love easy money