Irony of life .

Where do you guys get the Audacity to laugh and be happy?
Beats me really seeing as how difficult life is.

Parents don’t seem to recognise that the only way to prevent suffering of their offsprings is to not bring them into existence in the first place.

Those hell bent on acquiring something that matters to them so much, Do not actually get or have to queue for a damn long time.
the irony in the less interested ones having all of the desired by others at their disposal.

More guns and warfare weaponry Getting melted and curved in each dawn. They so worked up in ending the livelihood of fellow mankind :confused:

life is only fair if you got the cash and One sad Moment by far outweighs all the happy times you’ve been through.

This is but life.

I cannot say all the irony it holds.

I just hope that you endure all of this.

NASA Mars project is hiring…

Bangi iwe huru hii msimu wa kadanda

Nilikuwa nadhani utaweka hio emoji yako.
Siiiiiieeeeenzii :smiley:

oooooooooky…what exactly are you saying?

Seek spiritual enlightment and you will be happy

Only wakanda peoplez dont understand anything

Buda when the sun comes out wacha simu home uende mahali outdoors ukatembee na kuangalia miti na sky.

Amevuta Nduklu biggie leo, Wacha ajitibu na Molo milk, atulie indoors atarudisha fom

Na apitie kwa @blackguards akule mutura roadkill ya 30 bob, apate diarrhoea 5.0, kisha ahare upuss yote imejaa kwa akili yake.

umeongea kama midget wa kayole :smiley:

jakipash,kumbe huto tumidget dogs twako hukula mzuri hivo?

Sheppart ata azijui Kiswahili buana.

@SledgeHammer kuna nuru gizani.

One sad moment does NOT outweigh all the happiness that you been through, I don’t know where you got that information from sir, that’s like saying all the happy times you spent with your father don’t matter because he’ll die soon and it’s all meaningless. By that logic any enjoyment is meaningless as it will all eventually come to an end. That’s a pretty awful world view you got there pal, you’re focusing way too much on the negative side of life.

Yes bad things happen and with those bad things there is an equal if not more amount of good things that can happen and yet you can still learn from those bad experiences and use it to become a better person, That’s the beauty of life, but if you instead choose to let the ugliness consume you and you start to believe that it’ll keep on raining forever then I got bad news for you boy…

Try finding a nice hobby that you like whether it’s football or movies or even flirting which might give some chances of rejection but you should keep doing it because believe me it’s no big deal it will teach you to not give a fuck about rejection or any other type of negative criticism and by then you already got rid of 90% of your problems. I also recommend appreciating the little things in life things like how you got a roof over your head or what a lovely weather it is just make sure to record all the positive experiences you come across and I’m sure once you do that you’ll be shocked at all the small wonderful details in your life that nihilism has blinded you from.

Ironically, the source of happiness is one and the same as the source of sadness. Seek and you shall find.


Ukitoa mbegu zote kabla uvute, life inatoka sawa. Lakini siku hizi ma-peddler wamezoea kutuuzia bidhaa substandard bila KEBS sticker. Hizo ukivuta zinaleta stressi sana. Tafuta mali orig.

Hiyo kitambi yako ni roadkill imejaa.
Punda ii.

You’re correct on almost all points, except where you say life is only fair if you got cash. Even those with cash will die soon, so life is indifferent to all of us.