Irene Koki Mutungi


What are you implying?

How do i send the 1 SHARE to her ?

Ati huyo mjamaa anaitwa Chimavi?

This is a stupid remark, she doesn’t post herself online because she doesn’t have that attention deficiency most people have.
Some people we just easy not posting ourselves online with numerous #tags.
It’s a sick world we live in, constantly trying to show people what’s going on, and how good, things are going for us.

A tiger does not profess its tigritude!

Anatafta sympathy from her.

Hawa watu wa external validation wanasumbua saa zingine… Jesus, si uko na flying certifications; hang them kwa sitting room yako and praise yourself every morning…

Millenials and self-esteem issues…:D:D:D:D:D

a cute momo,kambas are all beautiful anyway.

Only bimbos and empty heads parade themselves on social media for likes.
Am sure Koki can’t bend herself that low.

That post feels rather condescending and attention-whorish.

I read abt this mbish kendo 20yrs ago…na that time, the word milf was nowhere near the dictionary…which she was…how she doesnt age baffles me

Dominic Chimavi aombe coomer pole pole in a hushed tone bila kusumbua watu wanamaliswo na VAT.

Upewe chai kwa bill yangu, flask mzima na kama utamaliza chukuwa uende nayo. Nitalipia flask pia. I don’t do selfies or photos easily. It has to be a great family event for that to happen.

hehe mkundu baruti wewe.

cc @introvert

Oya Pati, nikutumeko kwa scrap yard?
Iko chuma imeshindikana saidi hapa.

Hata kaz nilistuka sana kuona bado ako edible


Damn…hizo ni nini zinakaa maembe ya Mombasa…LMAO

in 5 years hizo nyonyo zitakuwa zimefika kwa magoti.