IRANIAN MP Dies of Corona.

It seems the same can happen to one of our mighty Waheshimiwas, then spread to others. Too risky.


Why worry about them, when we can pray them off
Brothers and sisters
Why worry about them, when we can pray them off…

Sikuizi waendi banchmarking China.

Ruto aende Italy kuchukua pesa za dam zenye zilibaki huko ashikwe nayo…akam asalamie Echesa ashike pia…Echesa aende kugawia Rotich pesa…Rotich pia ashikwe nayo…@sani aende kudandia V8 ya Ruto ashikwe nayo pia at least four Kenyan problems will have been solved for now

And you think the virus has the INTELLIGENCE TO STOP … after those four?

Ojinga alert. Umelipa rent? Ama bado unambia agent kuja next week nitakuwa nimejua?

And then it gets to you too. Make it 5. Your hatred for Ruto will kill some of you bila c-virus. I see Gashwin is here already as Tutu supporting it…so make it 6.