Iran shoots US drone

Iran’s surface-to-air missile shot down a US spy drone. US claims that the drone was in international air space; Iran claims that it was in their air space. What’s going to happen next? Well, nothing. Just a slow morning with nothing else much to report. Waiting to see what uncle T. thinks about it.

You have wisdom.

wisdom detected

What’s a US drone doing so far from US shores and so close to Irans.
It’s like going to your neighbours gate and cause lots of commotion then try arguing you were on a public road.

USA siku hizi hawaheshimiwi.that dumb prezzo is to blame

US is trying very hard to provoke Iran so that it can rain bombs on innocent citizens, killing hundreds of thousands of people.
The world leaders must come together and tell US to stop it. AU is silent. EU is silent. ASEA is silent. UN is silent. This is sad

Wacha tuone vile hii maneno itatendeka. But the US has no way of stopping Iran getting a bomb other than war since Trump through diplomacy out the window

Hii itakua Gulf War 3

Nothing will happen.

AU iongee kama nani? Shit hole countries have no say.

Uncle Toms will get more angry on this than uncle sam himself. Iran was just showing usa that we can shoot your spy planes/drones. Bring those F16, F15, F18 we drop them like flies. Then remember they have S300 air defense system that Russia has supplied them among other counter electronic jammers and electronic interference systems to prevent the usa from shutting down its radars and missiles from blowing them up.

nani atapigana? saudi wamelemewa Yemen, Iran wataweza? Other countries have their own problems

Thats is not going to happen as long as america is still a superpower and calls the shots.
America is the main funder of UN so they cant tell america anything am not quite sure about the other unions but this is what i know you can not bite the hand that feeds you and uncle sam feeds alot of these nations.

America has allies almost everywhere and those countries tend to vote in the direction washingon says it should and if you dont then you will be sanctioned into the ground.

The man holding the big gun can not be told anything and for this case the man is america.

You can bet in the middle east alone, Israel will offer some form of support if not direct military action. Also, the saudis, who have been having a cold war with Iran (due to the shia-sunni islam thing), will give assistance. And thats just in the middle east alone. Other powers will definitely offer assistance due to the alliance system that the US has in place.

only if they pay mercenaries. Trump will not go to war with Iran, american public does not support that war, if he goes to war with them then he knows he will not win his second term. That is why Bolton and Pompeo want war but trump is ignoring them. His main focus is on economic and getting more jobs, war will dent that and he is too wise to avoid it. for now he is just trolling

Let me ask you a question… trump has vowed that the iranians will never acquire nuclear weapons. he has thrown out the diplomatic option. The only option left to achieve this is the military option.

As for going to war, Trump wont just announce to the Americans “ok, we are going to war”. Something will be engineered to justify it. The Americans have done this before… remember when walisema Iraq has weapons of mass destruction to justify the war?

Also there was the Second Gulf Of Tonkin Incident whereby the US faked an attack on its warship by the Vietnamese to justify further commitment and engage of US forces to vietnam:
Gulf of Tonkin incident - Wikipedia

For those who dont want to read the above article, the key phrase is this:
The original American report blamed North Vietnam for both incidents, but the Pentagon Papers, the memoirs of Robert McNamara, and NSA publications from 2005 proved material misrepresentation by the US government to justify a war against Vietnam.

Its normally difficult for a democracy like the US to justify a foreign war but there are ways around that.

so far everything they have done has not convinced their citizens

I thought the US attacked Iraq under the guise of liberating Kuwait which Saddam had attacked claiming it as a province of Iraq. The WMDs was just an added justification…

Gulf War 1 in 1990 was to liberate kuwait. Gulf War 2 around 2003 was to go after “alleged” weapons of mass destruction. If they did this with saddam who clearly had no WMD, what about Iran which is clearly working towards one and some say already has a capacity to build them…

there were 2 wars

US will not go to war anytime soon because its ppl are already tired of wars. Saa hii Trump akivamia Iran his chances of returning for a second term will diminish.