White Man was blessed with a higher IQ in comparison with a black man!

This must be the hundred time this discussion is being held at Kenya talk, however, can’t help but feel the need to resuscitate it every other time.
Talking about my field, Electronics, I think we will never catch up with other races on matters coming up or building own things. Every time I open any electronic equipment, I am amazed by the build quality, and curiosity would drive me to find out the names of manufacturers, source countries,etc… It is always a white man or Asians, there is little to no blacks fingerprints in all the innovations. Blacks were only meant to fill the world and survive through procreation, just meeting the basic needs of humans. Where as whites drives the world, they determine where and when it should move, technology innovations says it all.

It has nothing to do with self esteem or “kutojiamini” but rather being alive to the reality of things as they are

Or by letting things be, dont force or harden yourself or as my palm pilot would read… Be a freeman go with the flow to better yourself.
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No niwana kwaria common sense mbere ya ngombe cia @administrator :smiley:

Look here scumbag… Either post about those electronics here or fuack off to the sex and relationship section. Humbwer gassia ibilisi tokomea mbali gunia.

Another reason why mzungu ataendelea kutukalia milele, wewe unafikiria tu umalaya

I am the leader of this section and I restrict the content of threads posted here.

You are free to post buullshyte in every other section of KTALK besides this one. Like the General section for example… or the Sex and Relationship section - where most of your peers (in terms of IQ) thrive.

You said you love electronics? Perfect, let’s engage about those electronics. You want to discuss their clever PCB designs? Fine! That’s exactly what this section is looking for.

You are not welcome to post social stuff like this extremely underwhelming thread which benefits no-one.

Come to think of it, you should just fuack-off! This section is better without you in it. Gunia!

Ukweli inaumanga sana. But also understand it is their game.

Ghasia, akuna shit unaweza niambia on matters electronics, that is my area of expertise. I did my posting from a point of knowledge, it wasn’t random thoughts. I welcome you to challenge me on this kama unajiamini…
Umesema wewe ni admin, pia waweza nitoa kwa group if my post doesn’t meet “your standards”, my earth existence doesn’t rely on Kenya talk. I still reiterate, wazungu wataendelea kututawala kiakili if we have guys like you as administrators. This is just too low, what the hell !

Tombwa sana nugu kipii

The only reason we blacks are behind is because of lack of investment in the field of technology and sciences. We have the brains for it but lack the will from the governments in africa. Nothing like a white man has a higher iq. Go live in america and Europe and you will see so many dumb white people

The only reason why fish can’t ride bicycles is because they don’t have legs…

Respect the forum, ghaseer. Unanyesha nini? PMS, hubris na inflated ego pelekea wamama wenzako kina @ChifuMbitika huko General section. Otherwise, feel free to gloat about how you used MOSFETS and flip-flops in your final year project at KIST for your diploma.


Kibe nikama unajua huyu phix tonito, anafikiria hapa ni kwa zukubaga tumuangukie na praises

Daah, another misplaced comment, kama hujui electronics, wachana tu nayo, don’t make a fool of yourself ! MOSFETS na Flipflops vitu za high school, diploma students learn more advanced things. Nikisema Mzungu ataendelea kutawala mwafrika ni juu ya fikra kama zako.

You can as well go nyesha na mama wenzako, takes one to know one anyway

Kumbe we ni phixx. Meffi wewe

Umeffi comprison but whatever makes you sleep at night

I live in the US and even the most dumb redneck is miles ahead than an average Kenyan university graduate

No you dont love there thats why you posted that. I stay in Minnesota for 3 years and i’ve seen how stupid white people are. Very low iq majority of them especially white women

They can’t be any stupider than Kenyans. Kuja Chicago and I would buy you coffee, or any non alcoholic drink.

Chunga those low IQ blacks huko Chicongo. They love pressing on those clips