Iphone X, 8 and 8 plus launch today. Only billionaires

[ATTACH=full]125597[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]125598[/ATTACH] Iphone X is being released today at 1000$/=

It will be bezelless- OLED screen from Samsung

Face ID (hiyo ni face scanner) instead of Touch ID (Fingerprint scanner>

A file manager (haikuwa nayo). Very sad.

Dual camera’s

4 cores+ 2 efficiency cores(virtual). Imagine they were fucking Qualcomm Snapdragon, Kirin and Exynos with only 2 cores and them having 8. This time round wako na 4 cores

3GB and 2GB RAM. It was beating android with 1GB for a long time.

Better battery life.

For billionares ofcourse. Kenya itakua 120K plus.

IPhone 8- 699$ 64GB version
Iphone 8+ 799$

The Samsung note 8 costs 1000$!!! Samsung is the new apple. Apple wameacha ujinga

5.8 inches i8+
Super retina (OLED)
Bluetooth 5
Wireless charging
12mp duo cameras
12mp front camera
Fast charging
Water and dust resistant
Blah blah

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Streaming it saa hizi



Jina tu. Their competitors have more juice and better specs in their devices


I phone mi siwes hata kidogo… Io battery ni bogus

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watching this makes me hate android

iWatch with electronic simcard shiet that’s new

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 kwendaaaaa, we wont miss you. Apple usually copies what others already have

isheep will be queueing for to buy them


Infinix hoiyeeee


I’ve used both apple and Android, Samsung for that matter, both offer amazing features that you’ll never get to use, or use rarely.
End of the day they both overpriced and taking advantage of people’s loyalty or is it addiction , or social status quest.
Proud owner of Huawei who I may ditch soon as they’ve started behaving like Samsung when it first started.
Will go for those Chinese umidigi s2 pro. As soon as they launch or Huawei mate 10, damn these phone companies…


@papabingy I think you got it all wrong. Jamaa Iphone na 2500mah inakaa kuliko android iko na Oreo na 5000mah. IOS has always beaten Android on battery life due to strict background restrictions

@dude Uko serious? Their A10 (2016) dual core processor fucks the Snapdragon 835 octa core(2017) in every benchmark. Tusianze kubonga about real life kwa maana hakuna real life speed test android phone yoyote ishaishinda. Ngoja A11 itoke.
Halafu Camera iko kwa phone ya 2016 IPhone 7 ina-compete na za 2017 duo cameras za Android ati 20mp na iPhone iko na 12mp

Ram ikiwa na 2/3GB ina fuck Android, akina one plus na ma 8GB RAM, na 6GB RAM zao kwa multitasking. Ingia youtube uone

The only thing that android iko nayo ni ati ni customization na ni open source. Full stop.


But makes it better. Everything they have copied has been made better by those fuckers. Hata gimmick za Multi window za Samsung TouchWiz ati S3 au S4, Apple introduced it on IPad first before itokee Stock Android.

Bezzless phones wanatoa bezels kaa zote except place ya Camera na integrating Fingerprint scanner onto the screen(patent yao)

And there is the A11

2 high performance cores 10% faster than A10
4 low performance cores 70% faster A10

Fandroids @Deorro @dude . Android is officially fucked in benchmarks. The Snapdragon 835 was only beating the A10 by a whisker in multicore perfomance and getting its ass whopped in Single core ignoring the fact that 835 is a 2017 SOC while the A10 is from 2016. The next chip that Qualcomm is working on is 845 which will be only 25% faster than 835 and based on 7nm architecture. Sasa Apple wana-announce 70% improvement kwa yao na GPU wamesema ni 3* faster than the A10’s. Halafu it has effect in real life kwa maana kila speed test, latest Android hudemwa. Sasa si 6 cores zitamaliza Android kama 2 zilikuwa zinaionyesha vumbi?

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Yes, Apple copies stuff but makes it better.
Apple wame-unleash Augmented reality AR before Google even thinks of releasing project Tango(AR) which they have been working on for years. There are games already ready for AR IOS exclusive. Halafu ni 60fps kama PC Masterrace

Then you’ve not met my Gionee M6 lite, battery life iko murua, since morning after heavy internet use and watching videos it’s now at 72%, shout-out @Nattydread for pointing out this phone. Fcuk Samsung and iPhone.


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Hii iphone tbh is a dissapointment nothing new revolutionary… Hiyo Faceid ya IPhone X imebackfire kwa demo yao


i have used both iphones 7 plus and s8 . this nonsense ati oooh ios is faster than android is like bragging that you have a lambo and that it clocks 450km/h.
people who do benchmarks will sometimes tell this by using computer but in reallife you will never know.
one good example is full HD and +WQHD. on paper WQHD is better than full HD but unfortunately human eye cant percieve this.


I guess VR is as good as dead now, AR has the best and most promising user experience…
That Face ID is some serious stuff!

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Except Youtubers do real life speedtests and the iPhone always win
Angalia MKHBD au Linus Tech tips au msee yeyote

Speedtests involve setting the timer and opening normal life apps and tasks. Whichever finishes first wins. The iPhone always win with over 15 seconds

The speedtests also involve memory management and IPhone always win with their 2GB RAM vs 8GB by Oneplus 5 au hata 6GB by note 8. The iPhone never reloads a single app. In real life

Tukirudi benchmarks,
GeekBench scores
835 - 2000,6000
A11- 4000,10000

Edit, Jamaa WQHD vs FHD si equal. The screensize and distance from screen matters. If you mean QHD on 5 inch screens, I concur. However, kama ni FHD vs 4K on 50+ inch screens that are 4K compatible, anybody can tell the difference. Kwanza get closer to any TV with 50 inches and above na utaona pixels.

Android is fucked in real life


Nunua tv kijana