Iphone 4s

Hey talkers got an iphone 4s from majuu yenye nataka usaidizi to open it so as to use it locally it was using the AT&T network…any assistance will be highly appreciated

Do you have the prior owners info (kama ameilipia ama hakuiba), If so there is a form u can fill on the AT&T site & they will unlock it for u. Free of charge.


yes c ya uwizi …actually the owner was given two by the cuzo who is in states htc na hio iphone 4s the Htc worked but iphone ndio ni noma thats why he gave it to me …but il try the idea…

I may assist you. I can unlock it in less than 24hrs. At a fee off course. Inbox if interested.

cant access your inbox but am interested kindly inbox me your price