IOS users

what happens when you got an ignorant ninja that needs to sell his iphone (4)… and the only thing between you and that phone is his memory coz he simply cant remember both his recovery email nor his icloud password. In his defence he went to a cyber and just got “sorted” like a fucking boss.If im supposed to purchase the phone how do i manage to just install the free apps without being requested for the password. I think i could live with that.

If you are buying an iphone4 it better be on ios 6.1 or something like that. Any upgrades and that phone will be slower than @culture walking past @Guru hanging her delicates on the clothesline.

your oneway ticket to kamiti block D

Hakuna kitu kama hiyo. Wachana na simu za wizi ama utalia Kamiti.

Halafu does Apple still support iPhone 4? If you really need an iphone how about you keep on Saving till maybe you can afford an iPhone 6 or 6plus

Run for the hills my brother. Serving time in jail is not a good thing especially if you are doing it for a stolen iphone 4!!!

Why would someone buy a second hand phone?? :confused:

i phone 4:confused: hiyo ni kama windows 98…

Iphone 4 maze… as old as Abraham’s grandma. Ata iphone 5 ya mine nataka kureplace na Xiaomi

iPhone 4???

enyewe wajinga hii kenya ni wengi.

This is gold

iCloud inatoka sikuizi so long as the owner has not reported the imei as stolen iko poa. Just go to weka imei hapo itakwambia kama simu ni stolen. If it’s genuine mwambie akupe photocopy ya id just incase

There is no way you will be able to do anything using that phone. Its as useless as (insert comment here)

He can use it as a secondary phone so long as u don’t overload it with useless apps itakua poa

haha mwalimu wako wa @using relevant examples is so proud of u right now.

ako na original receipt? If no then it’s not clean. Wachana nayo

Kama unatamani iPhone save for iphone 6+ otherwise get yourself a nice droid

@gothdeno kimbia pale and get iphone from USA at a decent price.Ship using @Kentex Cargo and thank me later.
After getting the device change your handle to @isheep .


What you have just described is the very definition of a red flag. The universe is telling you to tell him to go drying

bro if the problem is Is just downloading apps then hapo hakuna shida kabisa… Appstore alaternatives ziko nyingi… Apps4iphone tweakbox tutuapp vshare hipstore nyingi tu