invitation to participate

I would like to invite everybody to contribute to the community, a community can only reach maturity if the members are willing to contribute to make it better.The fear of posting is something normal, but don’t be afraid.The sense of community comes from every interaction that takes place in the community, so feel free to interact.

Hope you dont do us another ‘Wanderi’ soon…If you know what i mean. But you have a golden opportunity to make this site great now that your main rival(klist) is down.
I also hereby apply to become a moderator.

yes, looking into that.

@Zarina done, of course you can.

@Zarina which mod position are you interested in, please see:


Is it possible to enable viewing of all posts(headings) in a single page? navigating through all the sections is tiresome

Use the “new posts” / “recent posts” link at the top.

Wacheni kutapatapa. EXODUS is what you will witness baba na mama akirudi.

Nini inakusumbua hii ngombe.Si uende ujifunze HTML usaidie wanderi kuamsha klist.

Wazi boss, one request.Please make it responsive , hii mambo ya horizontal scrolling haileti shangwe.

Am not the admin of the site but i will pass your suggestions along

Its time for the small fish to eat too.

they are all copycats,nothing original :cool:

@ol monk hebu piga hii nugu mstari, inadhani hii site ni ya mamake


Live and Let Live :slight_smile:

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Admin. Please make me atleast a Village Elder