Investor Confidence In A Kenyatta Presidency???

Barely a week ago there was this thread by @Wepukhulu


The dollar is down a whole shilling in one week, what does that tell us and what should we expect in the near foreseeable future?? For me it’s excellent news mpaka zigzag ime-stretch mpaka kwa knees.


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Was 85 in 2013


Kuna time dollar was 112 nikiwa nalipwa in dollars, ilikuwa kicheko, now I’m praying ifike 98.

Kwani was this election the first for most people here. The stock exchange always dips every election period to recover later. Only long term investors stick with their positions through the election cycle.

That said the business community and investors are happy with Jubilee win. The ease of doing business, digitization of government permits/services/payments and enormous infrastructure projects continues to be good for business.



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Kama huyo kwa profile pic yako.

The joy or sorrow of this depends on where your bread is buttered from. Whichever way it goes, there’s someone who is happy/sad.

Claiming the <1% improvement of the shilling against the dollar is a result of Kenyatta being inaguarated is ridiculous considering it’s dropped by >15% during HIS just concluded term.

It’s funny because Mayekeke is working too hard to create a +ve narrative where the facts are quite obviously favor the opposite argument.