Greetings.I have a constant flow of income that is able to give me a savings of 40 k monthly savings.Could you give me ideas how to invest and grow the money over a period of let’s say 2 years.I am looking for a savings plan or investment that will not be a problem or such a Hussle If I need to liquidate the investment.Cheers!

Let me call @Azor Ahai

Passive investment jaribu money market funds ama government bond.

Go back and when you can raise a substantial amount per month, come back with the question

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This doesn’t make sense to you because it probably is above you.I am not talking about Investing a lump sum because I possibly have already done that and that is what is generating what I want to reinvest.I am not reinvesting in the same business because I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket and simply because the business might not be long time.Some businesses and mostly btw have a lifespan.

Weka money market fund as adviced by @Wanaruona specifically icea or cic. The returns are not high but you will preserve your capital

My friend, kitu nakuambia saving ya 40k per month is not worth publishing to the world. Wewe ni maskini fukara.

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Thank you guys.

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It’s fantastic that you have a consistent monthly savings of 40k! You’re in a good position to explore various investment and savings options to grow your money over the next two years.
Regarding liquidity, it’s wise to keep a portion of your savings in more accessible investments like high-yield savings accounts or short-term bonds. This ensures you have funds readily available in case of unexpected expenses.
For personalized investment advice and strategies tailored to your financial goals, I recommend checking out They provide valuable insights and resources on various investment options, helping you make informed decisions while ensuring accessibility when needed.