Investment opportunity

-As we draw to the elections and on account that they will be peaceful
-If you have some money available somewhere and you’re not afraid of losing all of it if the loser of the elections cries foul
-If you want to make a lot of money in a short time
-Buy some shares in the NSE within the next week or so
-I would advise not to borrow money for this kind of investment as there’s some uncertainty involved
-consult your broker on what shares to purchase
-diversify your portfolio
-I am a retail investor so take my advise with a grain of salt

Since september 1st, the NSE 20-share index has lost about 10%, worse if you go back just after election week. From my previous experience, the stock market is very sensitive to news releases and as an investor, you want big positive news. Your purchase will be on the premise that we are on the downturn and the stock will be going up soon, even if it might take longer than expected, if we are peaceful for the next while you will make that gain.
Cc. @grandpa


[SIZE=1]I have been called a peasant so I won’t go ahead to say how much I’ve made this year as it will be misguiding.[/SIZE]

Thanks for the reminder, I’ve been waiting keenly on the sidelines. And don’t mind these idiots if only they knew wewe ni mzitooo sana. You could be paying their salaries to the 4th generation but you’re just humble.
Which shares do you recommend?

Over the years nimekua nikisema I want to start trading at the stock exchange but procrastination inanimaliza…

haha…wacha kunichocha.

boss hizo avatar zako hubore sanaa



niaje my dear

poa tu my deer, hujalala mbona?

It would have been very easy kama kungekuwa na an ETF linked to the 20 share index or all share index and you would not need to worry about which particular stock will do good

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There’s a way around that. Buy the individual stocks and make your own porfolio. The amounts for an optimal portfolio could be a bit technical but it’s do-able.

invest in units

spit out your best bet. start with the highest stock to gain massively to the least and ill share mine. your turn to move the pony @kah tony

units are best when stock is bad but nse is good for a short gamble. its time to gamble. otherwise which are your best managed unit trust. leta mbisha my friend

I avoided that part for a reason. Everyone do their due diligence.


I see . you are smart just as I thought. but thanks for the informative post

Sasa bowlegs.why unit trusts

Agreed kiasi. Watu wakiita wengine peasants hapa just by looking at avators…know you could be way off the mark. KT is a v humble Birrionaire. Na KT usininegenie pls. I don’t want no limelight here next week. :smiley: