Investment advice for the 20s

The very best investments you’ll make in the next few years won’t come from savings or stocks or cryptocurrency or real estate or bonds or futures.

You should probably figure those things out too since I still haven’t, but if you remember this, you’re going to do pretty well: spend money strategically to get opportunities for yourself.

What does that mean?

[li]It means that if you have a chance to work with a CEO for free, do it, even if you have to eat into your savings. It will lead to skills, experience, and a huge payoff at the end.[/li][li]It means if you have a chance to give a talk somewhere at an event and they won’t cover the cost of your travel, spend the money to get yourself to that event and give that talk. One day you’ll make all of that money back and more on paid talks, but it’ll cost you $5000 upfront on free talks.[/li][li]It means if you can spend $800 on a flight that will end up landing you a great job, spend that money. It’s the best investment you can make and will pay off in stock, salary, experience, friendships, and more.[/li][/ul]
What I’d like to say to you really is this — spend more, but spend wisely, and you’ll do far better than the average brokerage account.

Chokosh, unaenda kukusanya upus kwa net na kujaza hapa.

ati 800 dollars. unaenda kukusanya upus kwa net na kujaza hapa.

I agree!

Ati $5k dollars, unaenda kukusanya upus kwa net na kuleta hapa

What investment advice do you have?

Very true. I know a guy alipata job hivyo kimchezomchezo tu. They’d been invited for a seminar and got there early. Before the organizers showed up he decided to keep the audience busy giving a talk if his known. Unbeknownst to him, the organizers came and sat amongst the audience till he finished. Jamaa wakitoka hapo he already had a job.

Alway be unique

I am waiting to hear what you have to say that is not Upussssss!

Kiherehere husaidia that’s for sure

Kama sio kiherehere mi singelearn comp