Investing in M-Akiba vs Safcom/KCB Shares

If you have some Sh20000 which you plan to save for making an investment later on-after about two years-, what would you choose?
M-Akiba which has a fixed interest of 10% pa interest free or shares in well performing blue chips company such as Safaricom or KCB whose earnings you don’t know?

I would sell boiled eggs.

20,000 shs is peanuts to invest in the stock market/ Fixed deposits.

Utakuwa unapata dividends za 257sh na kuwithdraw na mpesa ni 27 bob. Uza tu mayai roho safi.

Tukingoja birioneas waje waringe, the best use of that cash is to invest in yourself. Take training, gain a skill that you can use to earn more money

Thanks. I’m already doing that. In the course of my hustles I sometimes find myself with about 10k or 20k several times in a year. Was thinking of how to save that money so that it accumulates and a fees years later can finance buying some land as an investment.

Hehe… Well said. What is 200 bob in a year?

I know most people hear that you can start investing in stocks with 100bob and they take it literally.

If you want to make money, money that actually looks like money, money that you will not finish on your way home after buying bread start with at least 500k. That is even too low. At least 1M. Those are savings.

Otherwise, you can identify a stock and every month buy more shares in the company until you have consolidated a good bunch of shares. Hio ni longterm. As in grey hair, I am investing for my kids longtime.

If you want fast money on an exchange tafuta derivatives.

Kuna jamaa najua alianza na 200k kununua kitunguu pokot…akaleta nairobi…mdogo mdogo tu…right now he supplies a lot…200k is now clocking 1M

And I have been having a similar amount lying in a bank idle for the past few months.
When it comes to business am like a fish out of water.

Vile @Touchlyrics amesema. By the way bizna ya mayai boilo iko na profit Sana. If you buy four crates of mayai per day and sell all of them, buying price equals 1200 and selling price equals 120×20=2400. You make 1200 per day with only a capital of roughly 2k

Tulifanyishwa the same mahesabu about cooking and selling chapo mtaani but it was later established it wasn’t humanely possible.
No human could cook that many chapos in a day and on a daily basis.
Such arithmetics overlook a lot of unforeseen circumstances.

After I ventured into business, that’s when I realized business plans zinakuanga za upuzi…those projections on paper are useless on the ground.

About the guy with 20k. Nunua a calf or any type of livestock yenye iko common ocha kwenu…It will definitely appreciate in value by year end.

Juu mi na WekaWeka x3 hii advert iko very catchy bana.

most people don’t know about government bonds. interest payments si venye umezoea, zao huwa different.

where is kanjo bro? pesa yao umetenga ngapi? kwa ground kuna factors mingi sana za kuconsider.


Hii hesabu ni mbaya sana. You do not even include the human cost. This guy will eat, he will drink water, he will travel. The tomatoes, onions etc for kachumbari. This guy probably walks away with 500 a day give or take.

the best advice. shares and fixed deposits zinataka mtu ako na mamita. sio small cash

Nunua mbuzi kadhaa weka home…

20k is a small figure in the grand scheme of things. You are probably in your late teens or early twenties. That means you can afford to take an extraordinary amount of risk with that money without any major consequences. Just because it is 20k doesn’t mean it is useless. This is what I would do if I was in your position.
I have actionable intelligence that the big bitcoin bull run is just getting started. Right now we are experiencing a brief correction. Wait for a week or two, buy in at $6500 or lower. Wait for 24 months and forget about it. Thank me when you cash out good money. Meanwhile, get those A’s in school and forget about the speculative activity.
The risk-reward is assymetrical. When you lose, you will only lose 20K which is extremely unlikely because it assumes that bitcoin crashes to zero. If you are right, you 50X your money in 24 months. That’s 1 million bob from 20k. If I told you to toss a coin, where if you guess right you win 1 mil and if you guess wrong you lose just 20k, would you take that bet??
People have done it before, you can be in on the action this time.

If you would like to make huge profits, then you would need to invest huge money on stock market. In addition to that, you would have to know in which stocks to invest. I prefer ones that are regularly paying dividends

Where can I buy bitcoins online?