Invest! Invest!

This cyber in Mwiki is being sold. The owner is going abroad and already sold the K-West one. They backhauled internet P2P from K-West instead of getting another reseller. Man, I wish I had enough. Some broker claims it’s 600k but I know it shouldn’t even go past 250k. It’s on the main road, very spacious and it has a toilet.
Broker’s number 0712203900.
Ukinunua chora mimi kazi.
You know, I used to have plans for my own cyber/workspace. Desks over there, mini PCs over here, Pepsi fridge over there, hotspot fiber internet with a captive portal, vouchers and everything, a racing wheel, VR maybe.

:smiley: kweli hii ni kanairo…hio story yote umepeana @SparkMyke makes it suspicious. You’d have just given a brief of the location, price , if it’s going concern, turn over, rent etc

Sema tu unauza cyber yako wacha stori mingi

Watu bado wanatumia such cybers nowdays? Ukiwa na smartphone na internet/bundles uko na kila kitu you need. Unless you need to print. Cyber cafes imepitwa na wakati. Nikiwa high-school nilikuwa naenda hapo kwa booth ya corner kuona porn :D:D:D. Good old days. Umetoka high school uko na uniform unaambia jamaa wa cyber unataka kuwatch xxx video.

I wish. Walikuwa wananiita kuservice machine zao.

Bado kuna watu. Wazee analogue, wamama wakihitaji e-citizen services, vinana kutengeneza CV, watu wa xvideos, gamblers wa katululu. Wanaohitaji kuprint documents legal documents, waganga na mapastor kuprint posters, uuzaji wa software, PC repair, watu wa online writing, etc.
Bottomline: Printing and miscellaneous services (not the bob per minute) are the real income generators, uliza @captain obvious.

If you go to some uselesss Government office and they ask you for some document that you never printed, where else will you go other than Cyber? Ama one would have to go back home or office? Cyber will be here in the long haul in one or the other…

This mentality that cyber business is dying always baffles me, even in ameruca there are still internet cafes and they have printers even at home. Cyber is here to stay.

On this note, who can come up with cyber software ya w10? Seems guys are stuck with w7 because of the free cyberPro

If you are having trouble finding the server from the clients, you’ll need to do that manually everytime you boot up.
On the other note, try this magnificent piece. Unlimited possibilities.