Invest in a good Detective before marriage ladies

Before you end up with a no good demon like this one. Love is blind but the real eye opener is marriage.


From my inbox (Reggae : HELL NEW YEAR)

Kindly post this for me as you hide my identity I wedded my husband in the year 2018 we are not yet blessed with the fruit of the womb, this guy never told me he had a woman with his two kids earlier I came to know just before our wedding of which he denied only for things to come to reality after the wedding, he dint marry the 1st woman legally but they have 2kids, now what makes me mad is that, one of his younger sister also had a child of which the family made me believe that the father of his sisters child relocated to another country only for me to find out that this husband of mine is the father of his sisters child as if this is not enough, my husband impregnated his cousin of which they have a baby girl will it be reasonable if I just walk away?!! I just can’t think straight for now.