When you hear Inua Mama Jenga Taifa initiative, this is What we actually Mean.
This was in Kirinyaga county yesterday

Every mother walked away with a filled gas cylinder.

Politics of handouts never created any sustainable development

Hii kampuni haokos ni ya mzito flani no wonder regulations za lpg zinakua difficult every passing day by day

Hizi ni zile mabillioni wameiba za taxpayers, wanarushia peasants 3% to look “generous”, tunawajua wezi hao!

The trick here is, to get as many cylinders of the particular company out to the people. with the changing regulations, soon you will only exchange the cylinder with a similar one… so, hook the now… shaft them later

That is a fantasy. All companies were ordered to be compatible with all regulators for a reason.

Market penetration strategy,after a few weeks they will need to refill and you can only exchange a pro cylinder with the similar.

Anyone know is she fixed the situation in the county hospital… this is just for show


nipe numba ya hii milf ya kilifi

Hapo Niko 100% sure procurement was flawed


Na ningekuwa na njaa next week nashuka kwa hiyo ofisi

Hii ni pesa ya Kimwarer na Arror.

Ukipata number utawsa na mutheu kwani alikula block

True, wakipewa bure, next month couty government itawambia wapange line wajaziwe free?

But you can’t change the cylinder with that of another company. That’s why pro-gas inakimbia wengine wakilala. The rules are changing or have changed

Hii kampuni itaenda mbali

the laws were changed, now kila mtu kujisort, k gas for k gas only, they gave reasons that they want to control illicit refilling.

good move, next they should organize how they’ll get refill money.

Leo mko na kelele sana

Gas regulations cannot work. In mombasa i go with my cylinder to the filling point and in 15 minutes my cylinder is refilled. No exchange. Refilling. I go home with my specific cylinder enye nimeenda nayo ikiwa empty. Iwe ni kgas or pro or whichever.

Ile kitu inaeza regulatiwa kenya ni pesa na cbk. Nothing else