Internet will finish off print media and news channels

The stories printed on tomorrows newspaper will mostly be stale news by the time it reaches the newsstands.

The prolification of web enabled phones with digital cameras makes even your grandmother a potential reporter. So in the coming years media houses will more than halve their workforce.

Same thing will happen to banking halls, cybercafes, Libraries and many traditional brick and mortar establishments.

Today my old man bought his first newspaper this year to peruse the national budget just because the ePaper would strain his eyes on the phone.


When I was growing up in the 1980s we used to have the newspapers at least 4 out of 7 days a week. In the 1990s Sunday Nation was a must especially because of Wahome’s Whispers.

Careers which will be made redundant by technology:

  1. Doctors.
  2. Bank tellers.
  3. Truck Drivers.
  4. Taxi Drivers.
  5. Customer care/ call center agents.
  6. Teachers.
  7. Supermarket attendants.


KWFT teller kazi yako iko in its twilight years.

Doctors sio sana. Robotics surgery needs to be carried out by qualified surgeons. Remote or telemedicine will still require doctors.

What about prostitution? Asking for kusalimiana battalion

Back in 2014, The then CEO of NMG was all over the news having signed some contract with a German manufacturer to install a state of the art printing machine that would produce quality Newspapers within the shortest time possible.
The then Kijiji members raised concerns that sooner rather than later they would realize the investment mistakes they made. The world was already going digital, and here was NMG investing in old technology.
Well, the machine was bought. Its only operational for only 4 hours a day simply because the demand for papers has been falling over the years.
The machine cost tens of thousands of dollars.
The ROI is this case is unlikely to happen because they will most likely decommission it to avoid further losses.
Unfortunately for MNG, this web offset machine can only be used to print Newspapers. Nothing else.
It was a dumb move by Kiboro. The falling price of their shares is a grim indicator…

100% true today in business daily Nation Media Group share fell to all time low 14 bob. It lost almost 68%. They are blaming Corona but the way things are going ni kama social media is giving them a run for their money.

Itazidi kueleweka

I see fools here laughing at cybercafe owners and smh, niggas don’t know what’s in store. Entire industries will become obsolete, hata hao madaktari. Once nanotechnology, AI, machine learning, robotics, computer vision, augmented reality, IoT, and cloud computing fuse seamlessly, no industry will be spared. These machines will perform surgeries more accurately than human surgeons, plus they won’t get tired. Machine learning will also allow them to adapt to new challenges and never repeat past mistakes.

What will happen is that they will monetize their websites. Right now Tuko, Kenyans and all the rest are free. It takes just one site to charge say 10 bob for news and they’ll all follow suite. International media are doing the same. Akina wallstreet journal

Unless Skynet exists my profession is safe from redundancy.

Most likely it was a Heidelberg Offset Press. Costs over Half a million dollars.

Spent 2 billion shillings :D:D:D:D:D

2 billion shillings

I Wonder if paywalls can work here when Alai is providing accurate /breaking news faster than NMG

Kenya needs it’s own model. Mpesa for example became successful in Kenya because of PEV and highheadednes of Banks back then.

Safaricom was also successful because of the difficulties of acquiring fixed lined from KP&TC back in the day.

Siezi buy newspaper 60 bob when i can comfortably buy the e-paper daily at 10bob and read it on my laptop… on the other hand career ziko hatarini ni watu wanafanya kazi bank or any other financial institution…for example why would they need a loans officer/marketer when i can confortably visit their website and evaluate their loan packages and terms and make a decision on my own(considering by then kitu kama google internet balloons zitakua hadi Turkana na Pokot with cheap smartphones adi za 4k))…in another 15 years watu watanukisha kitungu ni wasee wa IT wenye watakua poa in software development (A.I) na robotics…