Internet providers (zuku and others not available)

Now this is the problem, am looking for Internet for home since zuku and the others wameona connecting to our area is not profitable (I guess) ama we will have to wait for long before we get connected… Am looking for Internet providers in my utawala area

Kuna wasee who purchase big Bandwidth from where the fibre is, then distribute to such areas through radios.tafuta wao…pia sisi mtaani hatua wakina zuku. We depend on those individuals

Those are the ones am looking for, wenye wanaeza fikisha my place

niliskia Liquid Telekom ilifukuza hawa resellers? but kama uko na any info hebu share.

Ina weza work place kama hapa nakuru?

Hawa ndio wamekua wakinisupply for like 2 years now. Their area of coverage is Ruai, Kamulu d Joska. Not sure if they can do Utawala but give them a call [ATTACH=full]103737[/ATTACH]

How are the speeds?

Depends with the package you want.

Yes it can. That right there is a business idea.

wanacharge mangapi?

They’re resellers of the major ISPs. Depends with the package,from 10Mbps to 100Mbps and fairly reliable

Packages from 2,800 to 10K

Naona side hustle yangu ingine umemulika…
You get proper bandwidth e.g 100mbps/250mbps ya zuku.Then unabuy sectors/radios. Sectors huwa zinawork powa zikiwa point to point ambapo they can share internet as far as 35km apart. But when it comes to sharing internet wirelessly, they need to be configured as such.
The challenge here is that, the net cant cover a large area, as these sectors are usually made directional(20°-180°) so as to cover large diatances. To take care of people around you wirelessly, you need to buy several of them so as to make a 360° radius.
The sectors have 2.4ghz which does travel far kiasi but does not penetrate walls unlike 5ghz which is incompatible with most gadgets but travels shorter distance and penetrate walls. Most high end phones have dual bands, but its not easy to find a dual band sector.
To get from nairobi to nakuru, you will need radios which cover long distances and have to be mounted on higher grounds to avoid interferences.

Such providers are already in Naks, I believe. He just needs to ask around.

Service provider akifika town anakuwa expensive.So the solution is kuchukua sector ama nano station na kuvuta net ya mtaani hadi town…na kuuzia maofisi iyo building unafanyia kazi and the rest

Nataka something I can download movies and sometimes streaming with, recommended package ni gani?

nanostation ni mbesha ngapi

It depends with the type. 5ghz are usually more expe than the 2.4ghz
But ukitaka ile powa, you need to factor in the mbs capabilities na dbi for effective use ndio usipoteze strength ya net.
2.4 ghz 150mbps with low dbi ina allow net less kufika na ingine hupotelea njiani

OK, ya 2.4ghz ni how much?

Inaitwa Loco M2, costs about 10k.

Unataka iwe long distance wireless connection(point to point) ama wireless internet access?