Am in a hood with lots of young able ninjas. so after kusaka biz ya kudo na near nothing capital, im interested in getting the faiba stuff and reselling it through wifi or cable connections. Anyone with how to work on it, the required mbs(kama 5mbs itamake), how to monitor pay rates(way safaricom does)?? etc…condolences if u see am lost.

Good idea acha tusikie vyenye mapro watasema

For faiba I think it is good, you can hawk it to those folks and make profit, Windows 8 includes a feature that can track how much bandwidth you’ve used on a connection, but the downside is that this is only for a single PC,
I only know a way of monitoring data usage as a whole from your router, but not for individual devices connected to the network, so when monitoring data that is being used as a whole you can figure out what time it is mostly being used and which users are connected, that one you can catch those abusing the consumer fairness policy :smiley:

@chap thanks dude. i visited majengo area in mombasa and noticed wifi networks with call me fon nos…now am back from diaspora i realised its an untaped area in this hood… i think i can settle with this biz for wifi instead of no. of pcs

@Dearro akikupata na net kaa hio anainyonya na straw kaa soda…
Am guessing kuna software unaeza tumia kama ile Wazi WiFi wantumianga

You need something called captive portal. This is usually available in more advance routers/firewalls. Think of it like the way you can go to Java or many of big hotels nowdays. Once you try to connect to WIFI you are directed to a page where you either pay for authentication and your time is logged. The system will track your connection up to a point where your allocated time is consumed and you are supposed to login/pay again.

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A proxy keeps track of Mbs per IP address, right?


dude…the faq?

Honestly, yes. Nini mbaya?

Hii wazi tulinyonya shule yetu hadi wakatoa… I miss it

Hiyo page ya free ndio tutumia againist him

That only shares WiFi from your PC and the distance is limited.

Hiyo Wazi iliinstaliwa kwa hostels za Uni nilisomea but it used to direct one to some website so that we could pay. It sucked.

Hacked it and used it for free till some bugger akasambazia shule mzima siri

U will need a mikrotik router and nano stations for sambazaring Wifi.

They used to have a 15min free trial after 15min u refresh the page en start again free trial

It used to redirect to an Orange page. KU walikuwa wanajaribu kutuimpress.

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