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I downloaded IDM from torrents and followed instructions on cracking it. Nikaizima comp after use but on turning it on it says the serial key is blocked. Imekataa serial keys zenye zilikuwa provided. How do you talkers deal with it? Tried the alternative DAM but it keeps hanging. Some help needed with IDM.

clean ya registry it will forget idm was ever installed on ya pc so u can reinstall again…though am not quite sure u can always google

boss tumia hii ya ATOM

1. Install the program
2. After installation, Make sure to EXIT/CLOSE IDM from icon tray.
3. Copy & Paste “IDMan.exe” & “IDMGrHlp.exe” from ‘Crack’ folder to the default install directory
4. Open/Merge “RegKey.reg” file from ‘RegKey’ folder
5. Done, Enjoy :slight_smile:

hizo instructions ni simple

fuata maagizo …

Enter this code when you are offline

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I use free DM and it works ok. Kujisumbua Tu bure Na cracks/keys.
Alternatively use JDownloader, I use it on Ubuntu. I don’t know if there’s madirisha version…

Thanks fellow tech dudes. @highschooler, nikicopy &paste hizo parts si zitaoverwrite similar files kwa directory?

Nikiclean registry si programs zitazusha?

ukidownload zitatokea kwa folder…
then after copy and pasting ita extract kadhaa alafu uta open application

@highschooler “IDMan.exe” & “IDMGrHlp.exe” ukipaste hizi kwa install directory, dialog box inatokea na kusema hizo files zinaexist, so nitareplace hizo files ama nitaoverwrite?

@danji1 kama ziko basi fanya step 4
4. Open/Merge “RegKey.reg” file from ‘RegKey’ folder