Guys I’m looking for a P2P Internet connection or Fibre Pull
Anyone with a connection kindly assists.
30-50mbps will do
Location: Gatundu Town
Location: 1
Location:Kenyatta Rd C 66, Gatundu
Location**:** -1.011848,36.902729

Huko ni mbali. kuja karibu

If there is Faiba in Gatundu the easiest way is getting a single room there for 2k or so then fire up the signal to your area using Ubiquiti hardware. Kama iko pesa rusha inbox alternatively try Telkom unlimited package.

Ongea na wochi wa jayden pale Kroad aconnect kwa router yao


niko na mast i can see GTC,THIKA,RUIRU



iko but lie ya lastmile(telkom)

Kuja inbox

Hii telkom unlimited ni gani mnashinda mkisema.

Sinda ya Telkom ni fair user policy Like the 4000 shillings a month package has a FUP of 12 GB per day.

If you can see Thika ingia inbox. I have a mast huku Thika pia.