Intermarriage as a cure

I think community intermarriage is the best cure for tribalism…what about losing culture? I dont think culture is any important we are in a new age…if we gave our daughters to that other tribe and took wives from among them too then unity would abound.This is nothing new in fact it is a diplomatic strategy that has been in use.

should it be mandatory?

Tough luck. Hii stori ya ‘culture’ we debated hapa and I was roundly condemned for daring to hold the view that it (or some of its aspects are) often is an unnecessary burden.

Should the okuyo ladies stop fleecing money from their men and trying to kill them your suggestion could have been valid.

Culture is the fabric that hold society together without it we are doomed.
Education is the best bet in eradicating tribalism.

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Not convinced. How many of these ‘educated’ fellows do we come across spewing tribal nonsense online and in other public spaces every day?

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The elite lot are the worst tribalists twisting every msg to look as if they are targeted,devolution heightened the tribalism a notch higher kuna MCA Kikuyu vihiga?

Kwani bibi ni wako ama wa mzazi? Grow some spine bwana.

Mr #Str8up you are out of order there sir. please let us keep debates here decent.

Old monkey,so you’re a bastard?he he he

Hehehehe…sawa kaka.

People without culture are a people without identity, even if people intermarry their kids should adopt or learn about both cultures.

Tribalism is a political creation it is used to advance political careers.

It’s too late kuamini kwamba hiyo inter married ita bring unity in Kenya…

Wa TZ tulifanya hivyo kitambo … that’s why hatuna tribalism.

@Wakanyama… njoo nikuoe…

culture is diverse touching on all aspects of life, mostly important the native language and ways and customs of the tribe, meru, jaluo, luhya, maasai, kikuyu, kamba…etc all have their unique customs and cultures which cannot be eroded completely by modernisation.

try to come again…this will just give you a headache in this village…

Unasema… . …?

uonge lugha inaeleweka kwa hii kijiji si ule upuzi mnaandika facebook

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