interesting moments in life

• Trying to find the phone wen it is in silent mode

• A random day dream & then realizing that you were staring at someone by mistake

• Everything else becoming most interesting wen it is exam time

• Before starting any chapter counting the number of pages

• Going upstairs/downstairs in pitch darkness and not knowing if you have reached the last stair

• Getting a phone call when you are sleeping at odd hours. Some of us who stay awake at odd hours also sleep at odd hours. Then you receive a call and its an important one you cannot ignore, and you know the time is limited before the phone call ends, so you dont have much time. So you get up and do all kind of mazingaombwe to sound as if you were not sleeping (I will not mention what), but as soon as you say Hello, unaulizwa “kwani ulikuwa unalala”

“Im not feeling well. I took some cough syrup (cough cough) and it makes me drowsy (cough).” #mwanaumenikujitetea


Somebody has too much time in their hands…

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hatakama ni likes unataka hii ujinga yako imezidi

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Wewe ni kuma sana, I have a thread below this starting with interesting

No one siku hizi i just type on Google search “Find my phone” it show me where it is and i can ring it at full volume hata kama iko on silent mode

juu umekuwa elder umemea mboro sita!!!

#mwanaumenikujaribu wekeni your moments brare foo

Which app is tht ??

@Deorro are you trying sarcasm. Hujui vile mtu unatense ukitafuta simu na haupati, unacall inaring na hauskii, unasema baas hiyo imeenda. Kumbe iko mahali tu kwa nyumba on silent mode

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Wanker nyama amefika village elder ? Kujia Faxe mbili

Wewe si uweke zako. Kazi kuitana gay tu kila siku

wewe tusizoeane huoni mimi ni elder?i have a feeling[ATTACH=full]6819[/ATTACH]

Admin nini hii? I reported @webdev 's comment and this is your reply?


This is not a jab, its outright matusi.

These are my interesting moments and if you find them not interesting accept and move on



hehe @admin hajakuambia poa,accept and move on


Agik acha kucatch feelings. Sisi hutusiana daily, and life goes on. Coomer wewe


Mimi sicatch feelings. I have been around this block for a long time. I know its not all rosy all the time, but ata kama ni jab be a little creative. Sasa mtu kukuita kuma wewe, na haujamkosea, what does that mean? Na admin is shamelessly agreeing with him

google device manager is a device administrator app meaning it can wipe device, lock it and overide some phone functions if given the command. thats why the phone will ring for 5 mins in full volume hata kama uliweka silent mode. been using it since the feature was availed some weeks ago. try it ndio urudi unipinge

you will never see doc @Luther12 akijibizana na @Wakanyama ama hata @junkie or @ekamsweu . if you cant keep up with them then avoid them. achia wenye wamewazoea bure u will be reporting everything. do you still

All protocols observed you are a fùcking villager.You should know pipo