Interesting encounter..

@Smith_ posted some analysis done by a statistician regarding the formula that NASA had claimed was used to rig the elections. Basically what the statistician did was to take the results and all the breakdowns from the IEBC website and then use several statistical techniques to find out if there’s a correlation between JaKuon’s and Uhuru’s vote counts. He found that there was absolutely no statistical significance between the two (I suggest any interested person to watch the video).

Here’s the kicker - ( I don’t know what’s wrong with us Kenyans;)) - @Smith_ thought he was saying the exact opposite!! In his mind he was telling us “look, even statisticians say the formula works” hehehe
The only problem being that he doesn’t understand the language :D:D. He was saying it’s BS .

And then he gets mad at me for pointing it out … (otfmao). Aiiii…




Can’t play the video here . I hope its still on YouTube.

Here for the insults

Come what may SC can’t add any vote to opposition, its back to the ballot and that’s what opposition dreads. This time its going to be worse for them.

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You have to understand that just like his Ugandan equivalent, kony’s worshippers take his word as the gospel truth. If he tells them he had over 2m votes in kisii, that’s the truth and don’t try convincing them that kisii has just over 200k registered voters


You woke up to post this at 5 am? I am not @Amused . all the same lazima tunyoe mtu Jordan.


sasa sisi tunaganga yajayo hapa alaf hii asubuhi

Bila maji…ama wapakwe avocado kichwa.

And to imagine the Judges swallowed all this…hook, bait and sinker…

I am a night watchman.