Intelligence chiefs on the spot ( high treason)

Sri Lankan government minister says the country’s intelligence chiefs deliberately hid information on attacks.

They were even told the addresses of the potential bombers and they did not bother arresting anyone. Hapo kuna conspiracy

the suicide bomber walking in the church


Executing them for laxity is the only way to send a message home.

The president and prime minister are from different parties and at loggerheads. They don’t trust each other.
The president sacked the PM, the court’s overruled and returned him into office. The intelligence was passed to security under office of the president. The police are under the office of the PM, infomation was not passed over to them due to mistrust. They were still trying to work out how to deal with the warning, when the terrorists struck.

Now the people had to pay the ultimate price for nothing. That was Extremely unfortunate.

Even 3 years ago they were given specific names

Hilmy Ahamed, vice president of the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, said he warned military intelligence officials about the group and its leaders about three years ago. On Monday afternoon, Sri Lanka’s government said National Thowheed Jamath was responsible for six suicide bombings at Christian churches and luxury hotels.

“Targeting the non-Muslim community is something they encourage – they say you have to kill them in the name of religion,” Ahamed said in a phone interview from Colombo on Monday. “I personally have gone and handed over all the documents three years ago, giving names and details of all these people. They have sat on it. That’s the tragedy.”

Sri Lanka Muslims Had Warned Officials About Group Behind Attack - Bloomberg

That country is not a cowardly country like Kenya, those guys can fight it out at any time you try to bring such nonsense

heads must roll

Heads can’t roll I. Sri Lanka, most of government factions are armed and always ready to go back to fighting, hapo hakuna mama ya mtu. If the bombs reduce your enemies so be it. Huko hakuna cowards

When Ojingas are in charge of making the constitution, that is what you get.

Its to late for you my brother.

I knew it…there is no way a country suffers 8 explosions and the intelligence community doesn’t get wind of it!!