Installing software on TVs/dvd players

Does anyone know of a site that could give info on how to install (forcefully or not) software on either smart tvs or perhaps codecs on dvd players so that they play different formats of media?
I ask because i have a 40inch sony smart tv whose media player tends to stop working for no reason. Sony online forums have no solution other than to reset. And yes, its firmware is on the most current version.

the info is everywhere

the tv is an LED, but like i said, the tv is on the most current version of firmware.

so you wanna give it a different firm ware or what?

so you wanna give it a different firm ware or what?

Not exactly. Giving it different firmware will most likely render it inoperable. Im hoping a different media player can be installed to play different media files instead of the one that comes inbuilt with the current firmware.

If the tv can download apps like for facebook, youtube, skype etc, is there an app for playing videos files?

Do u have friends with a similar TV model who are experiencing the same hitch? Or pay a visit to the authorized Sony dealer.

I have read other guys giving the same complaint online on some sony forums. there was no real resolution though

In their support page for each Bravia model they have the latest firmware. I’d try reinstalling it. Check for example for 2014 model kdl-40w600b.

cheers. will try reinstalling it