Then mchana kwanzia saa nne ka usingizi kanaanza kunyemelea.

Dawa yake ni nini jameni.

My brother… Don’t focus on what your uncle did to you while young na utalala:D:D:D:D

tafutia huyu soko

I can give an offer,Are you also insomniac ama umeamkia morning gloryy

Nimeamshwa na car alarm imekua set off na some stray cats chasing one another for slices zikirukia bonnet. Hata hiyo story ikanikumbusha some hekaya nafaa kueka kwa ile thread ya sijui Weird Sex stories. It involved the damsel’s cat. naitafuta sipati

Ilete Bana.

Nitaleta in the course of the day

Buda, uko na stress ivo ndio mtu hustukia ameslip into depression watch out.

Wacha uwongo…Last night I slept earlier than usual

Am also a victim mazee. .silalagi…usingizi ni wa kipaka paka hivi. …tutasaidikaje?

Kwani unatongozwa na mashetani siku hizi? I heard their dicks are ice cold? Can u verify?

chapa tizi…two hours of good exercise/aerobics will guarantee you some sleep.also some mutual female-induced ejaculation helps

Very gay statement

Hahahah Kanguthu…I now understand why you’ve been away…I hope the devils have been exorcised from you…welcome back…

Kunywa maziwa lalabefore bed .ya KCC ndio poa.

5 puffs of boza

The last time I puffed it things didn’t go to well.It told me to cry the whole day…never again

hahahahaha, that shit was laced with something else.
The only effects of genuine weed are hunger and feeling sleepy, and also experiencing thngs in 3D

And seeing running away from kids coz of fearing they would beat me up,and also disclosing all wrongs that I had done

hahahahahaaa, you must have oversmoked.
You start with 5 puffs, then go upwards