I have been having trouble sleeping for the last couple of weeks. I am lucky if I get two hours of sleep a night. Is there anything I can do to improve my sleeping pattern, that is without using sleeping pills?

fikishwa threshold mamii utalala usingizi mnono.


Anza workout za evening…na upunguze confectionaries


Why has the above not worked for me? Leo ni second day running… @Fala 12 come kiasi…

Wewe jaribu HIIT workout for few days…

Have an OpenMind and sleep will surprise you!


Sasa hiyo HIIT workout ni nini?

Just but an example, yenye nimepata ngugu

Thought you’d give me what you know,what you have practised,what has worked for you.

But alas,you just hit the button,and voila!


Well, actually its something that i’ve been doing at least once or twice a week, but its not due to insomnia though, my sleeping is ok, and sometimes i do sleep too much. The workout actually burns me up to a point that when i go to sleep, i switch off like high school boy. So basically i workout on weekends only (mostly). Its something proven (by me ofcourse), and yes, you should try it, then come and give some thoughts on it…

Lasma ningeongea matope ndo unipe hii mawaidha. What… Thanks. Will try it out.


The reason most people don’t sleep is coz of being exposed to the blue-and-white light given off by phones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets at night.They prevents our brains from releasing melatonin, a hormone that tells our bodies it’s time to sleep. .

so turn your phone and TV of 30 mind before you sleep .No work out needed


are you a volunteer?

Tiga maheni wee… Yes that light emitted by phones, lcds and leds in general has been linked with Insomnia, but not working out also does contribute a lot. If your body isn’t tired, italalaje?

I actually do some light exercises in the evenings

Will give this a try. I use my phone and laptop a lot around bedtime

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What kind of exercises, juu working out is supposed to burn you up, but if after all that you’re still active, itabidi uongeze uzito to your exercises…

Oh,there is an alternative? Trying this out first… Thanks @DeliciousShiko

you can try sleeping naked…